Pam is a certified STOTT® Full Level One Pilates Instructor, ACE® Certified Personal Trainer, ACE® Certified Behavior Specialist, and an ACE® Certified Group Instructor with 20 years of experience working with very large facets of the population. She also holds certifications as a Nutrition Coach, PWR Parkinson’s trainer, and Bosu® Master Trainer. Her specialties include back rehabilitation, Parkinson’s clients, body toning and weight loss.   She is currently running a program helping groups of women with metabolism issues to address the symptoms and side effects of menopause.

Pam has had several life experiences that has helped shape her to become a fitness coach who understands life’s challenges.  Pam started out as a personal trainer, but as her body began to show the negative side effects of pushing it too hard she found Pilates as an answer to stay in shape while being kind to her body.  She is very passionate about helping people overcome obstacles to reach their health and fitness goals through a combination of fitness training and mind/body connection. Her goal is to help each individual understand their body and what it takes for them to get the results they desire through positive encouragement and education.

Pam is continually studying health and fitness to keep updated on the newest information and expand her knowledge.  Her understanding of the body and her years of experience enable her to modify for clients individually so they can get the most benefit out of their exercise experience.



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