Sheila J

I highly recommend Pam for personal training.  She is knowledgeable and very flexible about putting together a workout plan that suits my individual needs. Pam is always on top of providing a very thorough workout with weights and cardio, plus she is just fun to be around.

Jane K

My husband was having trouble finding time to go to the gym. I had worked out with Pam when she was teaching group classes, and felt she was amazing! She is a stickler for form and is very well versed in fitness, health and diet. We hired her to train us at our home twice a week, and are so happy with our decision. Pam pushes us to be our best, makes it fun, and always considers our specific body issues when planning our workouts. They are diverse, challenging, and never disappoint. She is able to work with both my husband and I at the same time, even though we have different fitness levels. We are so happy with our decision to work with Pam, and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking to get in shape! 

Heidi M

I met Pam about 18 years ago when our boys were in first grade together. I was actually expecting my third baby and after he was born I was inquiring about how to lose my "baby fat.” Pam got me right on track with her workout plan and advice on eating habits.

We lost touch after a few years and met up again about 6 years ago when Pam invited me to her outdoor workout class at the lake. I was hooked. After a few months I was at my very best shape. I actually began hosting small accountability groups myself under the umbrella of Pam. I had never seen myself as a "leader" or fitness guru by any means, but Pam saw that in me and encouraged me to go past my comfort zone. It was a great time in my life.

I was also lucky enough to be in Pam's beta RYM class where she looks at weight loss and overall health in a more comprehensive approach. She has us combine diet, exercise, rest, journaling, meditation, and relationships to work together toward a healthier and more fit version of where we started. We are not at the age of having babies anymore but now approaching our "middle" ages with hormonal changes that accompany that. Pam is always educating herself in the most updated information available and is able to give us excellent plans that meet our lifestyles. She is always "forgiving" and has us learn to "forgive" ourselves when we take a few steps in the wrong direction. She always has a bright smile and knows how to reward her "clients" who always become lifelong friends because of her loving yet strong direction for us.

Educating herself and gaining more certifications is a part of her daily life, she is always growing in her profession and always making a difference in others lives. I am grateful to have Pam as a trainer but even more thankful to have her as a friend.

Pamela A

I found Pam through her RYM program. With her guidance, I followed the program and lost 12 pounds. The best part is I have kept it off! This program made me think twice about what I was putting into my body. Once I realized how many sugary packed items I was surviving on I tossed them aside and I feel so much better for it! No more crashing/starving moments. Pam helped to educate everyone so they could succeed on their own, she is an amazing motivator. I also took her exercise classes, which were hard but fun, and she watched my form so I could exercise safely.

Maya H - Entrepreneur

In just 3 weeks I have experienced (and continue to receive) great benefits from Pam’s program. It is not a diet formula.  It is not an exercise class. It is not a meditations retreat. It is a better way of living and being.

It blends 3 key areas: mental, physical, and spiritual into one high-impact program. It is truly transformational.

I am a busy mother, wife, and entrepreneur. I appreciate a well-designed program that produces real results, saves me time, is sustainable, and makes me feel great. Her workouts have exceeded my expectations in all these areas.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to live a healthier and happier life (and who doesn’t want that?)

Paul J

Pam is a very conscientious and dedicated personal trainer; she always comes prepared and works hard to help you achieve your goals.  I personally struggle with Parkinson’s Disease and she fits a program that works for me at each session so that I can be successful in my workouts.

Leila D

Pamela Bundy is the mentor you want to have if you want to lose weight.

She is a very energetic woman, always optimistic and she really keeps you on track in a positive way. 

When I joined RYM program I really needed to lose just about 8 pounds and in 3 weeks of the program I've lost 4 without starving my self. You all know that when you are not really overweight it's really difficult to lose those pounds and I've tried for a long time to do it without success. With Pam I've learned how to eat healthy and how to balance my daily ratios (carbs, protein and sugar).

But with Pam is not all about dieting, it is also about workout and support.

Thank you, Pam.

Karen P - Realtor

Pam’s workouts are always challenging yet fun! She has a gentle way of pushing you to work hard and work out to your optimal potential. She continues to find new exercises to keep the workouts exciting and is constantly keeping up on the latest exercise techniques and diet information. She is an excellent trainer and her outgoing and friendly personality makes it easy to get up early in the morning to attend her classes. I have seen wonderful results with Pam. Her workouts have increased my strength and I feel more energized than ever. If you are looking for a caring and knowledgeable trainer offering a challenging workout that shows results, I highly recommend Pam!

Ken D

After many years of attending various fitness classes, endless physical therapy sessions, and working with personal trainers, I feel fortunate to have found Pam.

She is knowledgeable, intuitive, and communicates her instructions in an easy to understand manner. The precision she conveys when guiding me though the exercises noticeably enhances their effectiveness. I can easily tell a 30-minute session with Pam brings much better results than an hour or more somewhere else.

Pam uses interviews, observations, and feedback from you tailoring your workout to meet your specific needs. I am amazed at how quickly she can bring results.

I am more satisfied working with Pam than with anyone else in the past and I urge you to give her a try. You’ll be glad you did!

Michele S

I am writing this letter of reference for Pam Bundy who has been our personal trainer for the last two years. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and my husband. My husband and I are very active and in our 50’s. We hike, bike and play golf, little did we know just how unfit we were.  

We hired Pam primarily to work with my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease. I sort of came along for the ride. Pam has completely tailored our workouts to fit our individual needs. She has a vast repertoire of exercises making our workouts fun and never boring. She is completely flexible on the spot and is able to alter our workout routines based on how my husband is feeling at the time of the workout and with Parkinson’s that is not easy as his abilities and how he feels physically vary by the day and even by the hour.

When Pam started with us, she was not that familiar with Parkinson’s and spent time to research and to understand the challenges associated with the disease. She even observed one of my husband’s physical therapist appointments on her own time to better tailor her routine to Ken’s needs.

Pam has an excellent knowledge of the muscle groups and the direct benefits of the various types of movements to strengthen weak areas and ensure full engagement of the appropriate muscles. I have seen incredible results in strength in my own body and have never felt better (or looked better) and certainly have never been this fit.  

Pam emphasizes safety in exercise and proper form for maximum benefit without injury. She demonstrates proper form, manually corrects form and communicates with us throughout our routine to ensure muscles are engaging and nothing is being strained. She always completes our routine with stretching even when it means going over our scheduled time.

Pam’s personal commitment to her client’s results makes her an outstanding personal trainer that I highly recommend.