Michele S

I am writing this letter of reference for Pam Bundy who has been our personal trainer for the last two years. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and my husband. My husband and I are very active and in our 50’s. We hike, bike and play golf, little did we know just how unfit we were.  

We hired Pam primarily to work with my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease. I sort of came along for the ride. Pam has completely tailored our workouts to fit our individual needs. She has a vast repertoire of exercises making our workouts fun and never boring. She is completely flexible on the spot and is able to alter our workout routines based on how my husband is feeling at the time of the workout and with Parkinson’s that is not easy as his abilities and how he feels physically vary by the day and even by the hour.

When Pam started with us, she was not that familiar with Parkinson’s and spent time to research and to understand the challenges associated with the disease. She even observed one of my husband’s physical therapist appointments on her own time to better tailor her routine to Ken’s needs.

Pam has an excellent knowledge of the muscle groups and the direct benefits of the various types of movements to strengthen weak areas and ensure full engagement of the appropriate muscles. I have seen incredible results in strength in my own body and have never felt better (or looked better) and certainly have never been this fit.  

Pam emphasizes safety in exercise and proper form for maximum benefit without injury. She demonstrates proper form, manually corrects form and communicates with us throughout our routine to ensure muscles are engaging and nothing is being strained. She always completes our routine with stretching even when it means going over our scheduled time.

Pam’s personal commitment to her client’s results makes her an outstanding personal trainer that I highly recommend.