Heidi M

I met Pam about 18 years ago when our boys were in first grade together. I was actually expecting my third baby and after he was born I was inquiring about how to lose my "baby fat.” Pam got me right on track with her workout plan and advice on eating habits.

We lost touch after a few years and met up again about 6 years ago when Pam invited me to her outdoor workout class at the lake. I was hooked. After a few months I was at my very best shape. I actually began hosting small accountability groups myself under the umbrella of Pam. I had never seen myself as a "leader" or fitness guru by any means, but Pam saw that in me and encouraged me to go past my comfort zone. It was a great time in my life.

I was also lucky enough to be in Pam's beta RYM class where she looks at weight loss and overall health in a more comprehensive approach. She has us combine diet, exercise, rest, journaling, meditation, and relationships to work together toward a healthier and more fit version of where we started. We are not at the age of having babies anymore but now approaching our "middle" ages with hormonal changes that accompany that. Pam is always educating herself in the most updated information available and is able to give us excellent plans that meet our lifestyles. She is always "forgiving" and has us learn to "forgive" ourselves when we take a few steps in the wrong direction. She always has a bright smile and knows how to reward her "clients" who always become lifelong friends because of her loving yet strong direction for us.

Educating herself and gaining more certifications is a part of her daily life, she is always growing in her profession and always making a difference in others lives. I am grateful to have Pam as a trainer but even more thankful to have her as a friend.